Due to current restrictions, we are only offering Swim Lessons, Lap Swim, and Water Aerobics at this time.

Swim Lessons

Regular swim lessons now last 10 sessions (two weeks Monday through Friday) at a rate of $45 per sesssion per child. Scroll down for more details.

General Admission Pricing
  • Adult: $4.00
  • Senior/Military: $3.00
  • Kelso Staff: $2.50
  • We currently only accept cash or check.

Swim Lesson Information

Ages 6 month - 3 years. Class with fun, age appropriate exercises to intorduce your child to the water.

Ages 3 - 4 years. This class includes 3 sub-levels children will be taught swimming fundamentals and the basics of water safety in fun and age appropriate ways.

Ages 5 years and over. An introduction to the water, children will be taught floats and get an introduction to basic strokes.

Ages 5 and over. This level focuses primarily on learning to swim basic strokes.

In level 3 children will be taught water survival skills and will start to work on their swimming endurance.

This level focuses on stroke improvement. Children who have learned all the strokes will work on and fine tune their strokes in order to prepare for level 5.

Level 5 will primarily focus on giving children an introduction and/or further their skills in diving. It will also focus on improving their endurance as swimmers.

This will focus on preparing your child to swim at a competitive level. Stroke refinement will play a large role and their physical abilities will start to be pushed to prepare them for swimming at a competitive level.

Rate: $20 per 30 minutes

We offer private lessons for those seeking a more one on one experience for themselves. We work with you at your own pace to help you to meet your goals. These are scheduled by appointment only.

Rate: $45 per 10 lessons

Classes for 13 years and older, these focus on water safety, stroke technique, and endurance. These are scheduled by appointment only



Regular Swim lessons (Levels Parent Child-Level 6) are offered at a rate of $45/10 lessons (two weeks, Monday-Friday) and run for 30 minutes, Adult lessons at a rate of $45/10 lessons, and Private Lessons $20/30 minutes. Please call or email us to schedule.

We currently only accept cash or check


Weekly Schedule

  • Swim Lessons run Monday through Friday at the times listed below.

    Water Aerobics run Monday through Thursday at the times listed below.

    We currently only accept cash or check.

    • 5:30am-7:00am - Lap Swim

    • 9:00am-12:00pm - Swim Lessons

    • 4:00pm-7:00pm - Swim Lessons

    • 5:30pm-6:30pm - Water Aerobics

    • 5:30pm-8:00pm - Lap Swim

Current Scheduling

Due to current COVID restrictions, our schedule is retricted and we are not offering rec swims or rentals. We'll keep you updated here as we get new information on when we will be offering these again in the future. Thank you for your patience.